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Zed-Sales™ is poised to meet all the challenges of Medical Equipment, Diagnostics and Consumables companies in sales and distribution management. It tracks the sale and movement of the medical equipment and consumables that traverse from Primary to Secondary and Tertiary level sales. If you are an OEM or distributor of medical instruments like Ultrasound machines, MRI machines, CT scanners, X-ray machines, etc., Zed-Sales™, tracks the performance of your distribution channel of any type and size.

Zed-Sales™ also facilitates Warehouse Stock Management that gives you notifications when stockists move the inventory from warehouse to distributors. It also enables you to track stock transfer between master warehouses and different stores. If you want to bill your sub-distributors, distributors or FSOs (Field Service Officers) our system even allows you to Billing/Invoicing Management.
Problems faced by Medical Equipments, Diagnostics & Consumables Companies in Sales & Distribution
Many medical equipments like CT scanners, Dialysis machines, ECMO and ECG machines are huge in size and require big stocking space. It is hence important that the inventory holding time is reduced and mobility gets increased. The absence of a robust and flexible system increases the risk of product-mismanagement and hence also increases Time-to-Market (TTM).
Zed-Sales Value-add for Complete Sales Tracking and Sales Management
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sales
        • Keep a close watch on area wise/distributor wise/product wise Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sales
        • Supports multi-tier distribution networks include national distributors sub-distributors, dealers,
          stockists and retailers
  • Sales Return Management
        • Tracks the forward and reverse logistics
        • Helps you to compensate your customers for damaged goods while maintaining a streamlined
          sales return data
  • Warehouse Stock Management
        • Tracks stock movement such as physical stock transfer, goods receipts and goods issued
        • Also know which warehouse keeps which product and in what quantity
  • Target Management
        • Create and match target versus achievement report
        • Set up sales target and view performance of each member of the sales unit
  • Billing and Invoicing Management
        • Manage all your invoices raised to the distributor, sub-distributors and other entities
        • View and generate detailed reports for the invoices, print and export them in excel
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