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Zed-Sales™ for Tracking Sales & Distribution for Computer Peripherals & Electronic Accessories Industry
The Sales Tracking System Zed-Sales™ has integrated various modules for managing sales and distribution channel. It includes all entities like National Distributors, Sub-distributors, stockists, dealers & retailers. If you are an OEM or distributor of computer peripherals like computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, scanner, speakers, DVD writers and Keyboards, or electronics accessories like headphone, Bluetooth, Battery, microphone, remote controls, USB, Jack plugs, etc Zed-Sales™ gives you product movement information at each step across distribution channel. So you get to track sales at each level- be it Primary, Secondary or Tertiary level sales.

Zed-Sales™ successfully captures the stock movement and offers you seamless visibility across complex channels. These results in reducing overall sales process time, and inadvertently results in huge cost saving and reduces lead time to market for the peripheral, accessory manufacturers and suppliers.
Challenges faced by Computer Peripherals Companies
Computer Peripherals are in huge demand and its product movement is quick. Companies dealing in computer peripherals often enjoy LIMITED ability to track sales beyond primary level. In the absence of any protocol to measure sales report until the last level, the product’s Time-to-Market (TTM) increases significantly.
Zed-Sales™ – A Complete Solution for Tracking Sales Movement of Computer Peripherals Industry
  • Warehouse Stock Management
        • Tracking physical stock movement, goods received, goods issued and the remaining inventory quantity
        • Also captures inventory sales return in both forward and reverse logistics
  • Target Management
        • Set up sales target and view performance of each member of sales unit
        • Measure Target Vs. Achievement Report
  • Forecast Management
        • Stay in the loop and get real-time product data
        • Results in improved demand and inventory planning
  • Measure Channel Performance
        • Assign sales tasks entity wise and user wise
        • View real-time reports that show sales process analysis
        • Manage your team effectively
  • Smooth and improved decision making through acute visibility
        • Reduced overall sales processing time
        • Get weekly reports, graphical views in user-friendly formats
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