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Zed-Sales™ functions as a real-time secondary sales tracking system that delivers accurate reporting of channel sales and stocks, and strengthens decision-making in order dispatch, inventory handling, logistics and warehouse management. This powerful sales tracking software also offers the required ability to track sales and distribution till the retailer level, and empowers the manufacturer to track sales return management, target management, price protection management, scheme management, etc.

Know more on how secondary sales automation results in huge cost-savings for the companies, with a drastic improvement in business efficiency:
Before Using Zed-Sales™
  • LIMITED ability to track sales beyond primary level
  • Little visibility over sales channel activities
  • DELAY in sales data collection & delayed actions
  • NO measure to get Actual dispatch plans
  • NO protocol to track & measure Sales report
  • UNABLE to forecast product's stock-out or over supply
  • INEFFICIENT & delayed manual sales tracking activities
  • Increased Time to Market (TTM)
  • COMPLICATED sales return procedure
After Using Zed-Sales™
  • Sales Tracking Capability at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level
  • SEAMLESS visibility across channels
  • Measure on REAL-TIME Accurate Sales Data
  • EAGLE'S EYES VIEW on products movement across the channel
  • Effective Measurement of Target Vs Achievement
  • Springboard for production planning with actual sales insights
  • STRONG Sales & Marketing Activities based on market demand conditions
  • REDUCED overall sales realization & processing time (Order to cash cycle)
  • STREAMLINED sales return and scheme settlement
Secondary sales Tracking Software provides freedom from all manual hassles in tracking the sales & distribution transactions and simplifies over sales management. Ask for a Demo OR FREE TRIAL and experience the Zed-Sales™ difference in your sales & distribution process.
Why Zed Sales
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